TeleBright Solutions

Expense Management

Our expense management platform, ManageRight® can be used to manage your entire telecom infrastructure with all its diversity of assets and expense types, such as:

  • Wireless, Landline, and Cable services
  • Advanced Data Networks
  • Equipment
  • Power, Gas, and Water
Payments Management

PayRight tracks every payment’s status, confirmation, and reconciliation.

  • No cost to you = $0 processing cost
  • No-Late-Payments guarantee
  • Secure transactions
  • Payments in 32 currencies
Orders Management
  • Wireless and Wireline orders
  • Wireless portal allows catalog-shopping for your employees
  • Portal enforces your policies
  • Approval workflow available
Assets Management
Assets Management
  • Inventory levels for all telecom and utility services, with their equipment, can be tracked and updated for new orders.
  • Inventory module is checked every month, for every invoice due, for compliance with the contract rates. Discrepancies are flagged.
  • Contracts repository enables easy access to the terms and rates /discounts for easy reference and compliance verification.
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