TeleBright Services

Audits & Optimization
  • We typically save you 15-20% of your bills with our audit & optimization services that come through as refunds or credits.
  • Technology advancements make your current infrastructure obsolete. We can help you re-negotiate your vendor contracts for a better price point, given the obsolescence. We can help you upgrade your infrastructure to achieve a leaner cost-of-ownership and better service performance for your end-users.
  • Technology optimization results in a better level of service for your users at a lower cost.
Procurement Services
  • Telecom and Utility services are priced in a market that changes rapidly. Our knowledge of market prices brings to savings for you.
  • We can research the vendors and services for you as well as conduct a procurement process for you.
Robotic Process Automation
  • Adoption of RPA technology, that displaces “mindless” labor, has accelerated in 2019-20.
  • We can program the bots (“digital workers”) for you per your process specifications.
  • We can also operate them, as a service, and deliver results in your environment.
  • Typical back-office RPA applications are: document downloads & insertions, data collections, Swivel Chair data entry, and submission of forms.
Utility Bill Payments
  • We efficiently collect utility bills for your locations from their service providers.
  • We verify compliance with the contract with you and report any discrepancies.
  • We process bill payments to your vendors on your behalf.
  • We deliver payment receipt confirmations to your ERP in a secure manner.
  • We create reports and deliver them at a frequency of your choice.
Line Testing

We can help you detect and disconnect any unused phone lines with our LineTests tool

  • Create an inventory of lines
  • Dial all lines
  • Re-dial lines showing inconclusive call outcomes
  • Help decide which lines to disconnect
Tele-Health Audits
  • Acceptance of Tele-Health by patients, caregivers, and the payers after COVID-19 creates a need for auditing the new service delivery option.
  • For the Payers (corporations, insurance, and government agencies) we can validate the EMR and coverage.
  • For the Providers, we can ensure that the right codes were applied and that the EMR is verified.