Wireless Lifecycle Management

ManageRight© Wireless is lifecycle management of cellular phones and devices. The product includes the TEM coverage in ManageRight© plus an entire lifecycle system. ManageRight© Wireless controls wireless expenses for businesses through policy development and enforcement, plan and device comparisons through a corporate approved catalog, contract negotiation, decision support, procurement, procurement reporting, and help desk. This unparalleled solution significantly reduces expenses and streamlines operational workflow.


  • Purchase Comparisons
  • Built-in Policy Development
  • Procurement Portal
  • Pre-Approved Items Based on Actual Job Requirements
  • Devices Tracked in the System for Performance


  • Corporate Approved and Discounted Items
  • Built-in Policy Enforcement
  • Secure Transactions
  • Hassle-Free Replacements
  • Billing Issues Recognized, Notifications are Sent


  • Integrated Customized Portal
  • Online CDR Reporting
  • Guaranteed Savings


  • A few dollars a phone


  • TEM: The full ManageRight Telecommunications Expense Management suite.
  • Corporate Catalog: Your approved and corporate discounted plans and devices.
  • Policy Development: Current policy or new policy created with our assistance.
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons: View all approved plans and devices, visit our complimentary service, as seen on Consumer Reports.org providing unbiased comparisons for all telecom services.
  • Procurement Reporting: Available on all devices and plans purchased.
  • Contract Negotiation: Specialist can assist negotiations or provide business intelligence.
  • Help Desk: System assistance at tier 2 level.
  • Decision Support: System will assist with best decisions for requirements.
  • Procurement Portal: Hosted and maintained portal. Client’s policy is built into the system at the time of setup.


One of the big four accounting firms selected TeleBright in 2003 to build a custom procurement portal for their wireless phone management. This state-of-the-art portal is still the cornerstone in keeping track of what their 135,000 employees are purchasing each year.