Telecom Expense Management

ManageRight© is the only solution to offer the functionality of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Energy software combined with workflow automation and extensive reporting capabilities. This uniquely comprehensive and highly-integrated TEM system allows for a centralized view of your assets and expenses with the ability to effectively and efficiently manage them. ManageRight© is the complete expense management roadmap for businesses to track the success of their conservation efforts.


  • Automated System Alerts
  • Automated Invoice X-Ray
  • Easy-to-Use Central Control Center


  • Continuous Performance Monitoring
  • Billing Issues are Always Addressed
  • Eliminates all Spreadsheets


  • Automated Invoice X-Ray to address billing issues

invoice x-ray

Automated scanning system for errors with invoices or networks. Discrepancies are highlighted using color coding and ticketing. Email notifications are sent to identified users and vendors to track the issues until they are resolved. Exclusively available in ManageRight©.


  • Percentage of Spend

ManageRight© Components:

  • Inventory: Contains voice, data, wireless, and equipment.
  • Bids & Orders: Updates inventory requests, as well as MACDs.
  • Invoices: Monitors for abuse, inventory and contract validation.
  • Audits: Reviews accounts.
  • Cost Allocations: Automates cost center allocations.
  • Tickets: Communicates disputes with vendors.
  • Budgets: Controls activities with trending projections.
  • Contracts: Measures performance with vendor scorecards.

ManageRight© streamlines resource intensive tasks with automation and provides users with the actionable intelligence they need to make informed TEM decisions. ManageRight© provides in-depth knowledge of telecom management as well as industry best practices. The workflow automation proves administrative tasks to be a thing of the past and frees your resources to pursue other priorities.

Compare us to other TEM providers:

  • Help desk support
  • SaaS
  • Any type of invoice import
  • Normalized carrier information
  • Full inventory reportings and management
  • International currencies
  • Complete system training
  • Workflow approval for all orders
  • Billing is individualized
  • We are a software company – clients decide on all set up options


TeleBright has provided clients with TEM services since 2003.