Energy Efficiency Management

Energy efficiency is established by an initial benchmark of your buildings and industrial processes. ManageRight© will create a valid baseline with previous energy usage. Monitoring will establish usage trends at various points in time to track on-going progress. Metering will allow a complete picture into the entire business at any given time of the day and will provide details for smart peak-load management.

Our core expertise is expense management and monitoring software. We work with utility service providers, engineers and industry specialist to provide a complete energy efficiency ecosystem.


  • Energy Star Rating
  • Return on Investment Report Every Month


  • Certified Benchmark
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Budget Savings


  • Quick Start, Hassle-Free Involvement
  • Easy-to-Understand Action List


  • Baseline Report for Electric, Gas, and Water
  • Energy Star Rating
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy Saving Opportunities
  • Return on Investment
  • Energy Savings Strategy


  • Per Square Foot

Achieve, Maintain, Improve

Baseline and Benchmark Report:

As the starting point of our work, the report is created from twelve months of energy bills, along with the square footage and use descriptions for your buildings.

The report provides:

  • Baseline of Assets, Usage, Rates and Cost with Trending for Electricity, Gas, and Water.
  • Energy Star Rating for each property.
  • A financial analysis that projects possible savings and how those savings can provide a complete return for all the equipment requirements. The financial analysis explores total savings, ROI, simple payback period, as well as consequences, such as lost savings of your decision options.

Monthly Benchmarking and Expense Management Service:

Monthly expense monitoring will ensure that billing issues are addressed, proper usage and rates are being charged and usage goals are trending in the correct direction. Easy on-line reports, dashboards, alerts, and exceptions are presented to the appropriate personnel.

Equipment Load Monitoring Service

A sub metering strategy can be used to achieve detailed knowledge about individual equipment requirements. Collecting usage data at fifteen minute intervals from each sub meter, it exposes the usage characteristics twenty-four hours a day.

With a sub meter we can provide smart load management, also known as peak-shaving or demand response. Implementing peak-shaving policies can dramatically reduce your monthly expenses.

Renewable Energy Credits (REC) Sourcing

We can identify your usage of any renewable (primarily wind, solar and biomass) electrical energy from the national electric grid. The mechanism is the Renewable Energy Credits (also called Green-tags). One REC is equal to 1000 kWh or 1350 lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. We can help you offset your carbon footprint by purchasing RECs through certified partners. Frequently, “clean” energy from non-fossil fuel sources can also offer electric rate stability for the long term.