Carrier Class Sales Tool

PANDA, Pricing and Network Design Assistant

You deserve a time proven system designed to give telecom providers of any size a more effective tool when proposing, selling and implementing local and long distance voice, data, IP, internet and other services. PANDA incorporates service availability and product specific business rules allowing your sellers to be less reliant upon other support personnel, making them more efficient. Ensuring seamless transition of data between the pre and post sales processes means the elimination of date re-entry, resulting in fewer errors, reducing workload and speeding “sales” into “billing customers”.

Since PANDA is web-based, it allows for collaborative work efforts among various functional groups such as sales (both internal and external), engineering, pricing, customer service, product management, marketing, finance, with each group having defined rights and capabilities within the system.

PANDA provides powerful yet flexible access to information, giving you a real-time view into the business. You can track quotes and order activity, and even identify potential product issues or process bottlenecks.


  • VPN Optimizer
  • Network Optimizer
  • Order Manager
  • Quote Manager


  • Accurate Quotes
  • Automated Workflow
  • Contracts are Generated in the System
  • Real Time Information for the Entire Team


  • Pro-Active Notifications in Real-Time



  • Served by a central database of rate plans, promotions, and discounting rules, your sales teams will always make 100% accurate sales quotes.
  • Clients will be provided with the most cost-optimal network designs and the most current pricing.
  • Using tool wizards to create service request allow an easy conversion from quotes to orders with very little support from the engineering staff.
  • Back-office personnel will be able to activate orders quickly and efficiently.

From sales process analysis to end-user training, PANDA delivers a robust, scalable solutions that enhance your organization’s productivity and sales efforts.


TeleBright has provided clients with PANDA services since 2000.