Our Solutions

Telecom Operations Management

Our expense management platform, ManageRight® can be used to manage your entire telecom infrastructure with all its diversity of assets and expense types, such as:

  • Wireless, Landline, and Cable services
  • Cloud Services
  • Equipment
  • Power, Gas, and Water


We can help you manage your wireless infrastructure

  • Mobile procurement portal for phones, plans, and accessories
  • Mobile Policy enforcement
  • Managerial approval process for all user requests
  • Flexible cost allocation options
  • Data Control tool to limit users’ data roaming usage to business uses only


We can help you detect and disconnect any unused phone lines with our LineTests tool

  • Create an inventory of lines
  • Dial all lines
  • Re-dial lines showing inconclusive call outcomes
  • Help decide which lines to disconnect

Professional Services

We offer Professional Services for:

  • Billing audits to recover billing errors
  • Optimization of your current expense
  • Sourcing support to find the “best cost” solutions for what you need

We have long experience in building and operating large scale database solutions for Bell Phone companies