We know you wear many hats! We can off-load routine task and help you focus on what is urgent and what really matters. We support Small and Medium size clients with asset management, bill payment processing, finding better rate plans, and removing the telecom clutter from your desks.

  • Organize: We can help you organize all your telecom services for voice, mobile, data, cable, and conferencing services. The telecom assets are organized by location, by organizations they serve, vendors, contracts, accounts, and vendor personnel who support you.
  • Bill Processing: We take on receiving your paper bills (or importing directly from the telco website) and getting them ready for you to control their payment processing. We also perform a contract compliance check (we call it Invoice X-Ray®) to show you the over-billed and under-billed amounts on your bills as compared to the contract.
  • Order & Inventory: We enable you to keep track of your service orders activity and continuously update your assets inventory (phones, lines, usage plans, etc.)
  • Audit & Service Optimization: We can review your bills against contracts and find errors that we will recover for you. We can also optimize your services and their costs.
  • Sourcing: We can get you proposals for better services, better rate plans, and better terms of service.
  • Reporting: We can customize reports that you want to focus on and deliver them to whom you want and when you want them.

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