The two biggest challenge in managing Federal Government agency telecom operations are (1) the transition from the GSA Networx vehicle to EIS / NS2020 program, and (2) the end of the billing aggregation services performed by GSA.

  • Experience: We currently support and have served Government agencies for over a decade. We can help you meet the challenges for the contract transitions with respect to inventory, Fair Opportunity in procurement, billing aggregation, billing analysis and review, budget reporting, and compliance tracking.
  • Billing: We have tools, systems, and interfaces that can quickly offer you a “Full Service” solution. We currently provide these services to our commercial clients across millions of dollars in monthly spend.
  • Savings: Our solutions can displace your manual labor costs as well as document the cost efficiencies they deliver. We can track your spending at Projects level and provide an updated status as funds are disbursed.

We are available on the GSA Schedule 70 vehicle. We are currently exploring distribution partnerships to also become available on other program vehicles.

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