We support Enterprise level clients with thousands of locations, users, mobile devices and millions in telecom spend across hundreds of monthly bills.

  • Landline: We can help you track your landline services for voice, data, cable, and conferencing services.
  • Wireless: We can help you track your wireless services for mobile, paging, radio, and satellite services
  • Portal: We offer a Mobile Procurement Portal for enabling your employees to get a shopping cart experience in ordering wireless products and services (according to their privileges per your mobility policy) per your discounted corporate pricing
  • Cloud: We can help you track your cloud services
  • Bill Aggregation: We aggregate Vendor Bills electronically through the EDI interfaces to vendors’ billing systems. The import process occurs as soon as the bill is available on the vendor site. Non-usage related services bills go through Invoice X-Ray compliance check to find over-billed and under-billed line items compared to the contract.
  • Accountability: Towards achieving a better User Accountability, we offer creating and distributing telecom utilization and management reports down to the employee or managerial levels.
  • Connecting to your systems: We can build and operate EDI Interfaces with your ERP systems for updating information for Human Resources and bill payments towards smoother, well-integrated operations for operating mobile portals, paying vendor invoices, and enabling Single-Sign-On access.

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