Delivering intelligent solutions to improve telecom and energy efficiencies for businesses and government, since 1988.

Who is TeleBright?

TeleBright Software Corporation is an innovative software company with technology and process control expertise. We craft solutions that enable clients to become informed consumers.

What is TEM?

TEM stands for Telecom Expense Management. Telecom services enable organizations to communicate with their team, clients, suppliers, and investors. Telecom Expense Management or TEM is a critical business strategy that combines a collection of industry best practices to better enable your organization to monitor, control and optimize these costs. Learn more.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients are in the commercial and government business sectors. Whether accountable to investors or to the taxpayers, cost-effective use of available resources is the top priority for most organizations. Managers seek new ways to improve departments, cut costs, and do more with less. TeleBright can help. Our solutions consistently deliver savings of 15%-30% for organizations of all sizes, in both commercial and government.

What is Involved?

We collaborate with clients to develop a customized strategy that can optimize their expenses. Our clients select their desired degree of support, and we provide the software platform and professional services required to meet their needs. TeleBright offers industry and business process expertise. Along with a proven record of success.