Our Approach

Big changes in technology are coming ever so quickly now – creating transition challenges for you. You must navigate these changes while executing routine tasks of user care, cost efficiency, and management controls.

Why consider TeleBright?

In 2017, CIO Review magazine ranked us in the “Top 20 Wireless Solutions Providers” and CFO Tech Outlook magazine put us as “Top 10 Business Expense Management Solution Providers”.

Our customers like us for the results we deliver.

  • Savings: 5-10% in labor costs for process management. 10-15% in bill audits. 15-35% in finding savings through better sourcing and technology substitutions.
  • Experience: We have been in business since 1988. We have the software tools and business experience to offer you creative solutions to manage your challenges.
  • Efficiency: You can get a lot done with less labor and recurring costs. One of our customers manages a telecom spend of $2.5 million each month with a staff of two + our software and support.
  • Control: Our software provides exceptional control over the assets, billing, and vendor relations to enable you to manage your telecom infrastructure.
  • Accountability: We can send out a large number of reports to your users to make them aware of their use of telecom services. This awareness leads to greater accountability.
  • Audit & Optimization: Historic audits, Line Testing to find unused lines, and Cost optimization services are optional, contingency based services that we offer. For one client, we reduced the monthly bills by 61%. Although this outcome level is a rarity, we can help you save money in many ways.
  • Strategic Sourcing: Our relationships with vendor community can help you utilize Procurement Portals, RFPs, Federal Market Research, Fair Opportunity Procurements to get competitive rates for the services you need.
  • LineTests: We can test all your lines through our proprietary software to ensure that all unused lines are discovered and removed.
  • Budget Tracking: Our Budget tools can help our customers, especially Government Agencies, to keep track of their spending on projects and budget code levels.
  • Integration: We integrate our systems with your ERP systems to ensure that the value is delivered to you and to your users on as frequent a basis as you wish.