Discovery Process

Before we can go about eliminating unused lines, we have to find them first.

We begin this process with the discovery step whereby we make a list all the lines being billed by your Telco vendors at all of your locations. Many of our clients don’t know exactly what they have got –because records are lost or become inaccurate over time; and no one has looked at the phone bills in detail.

Towards getting started with LineTests, just send us your phone bills and we will do the discovery and analysis. Simply scan your paper bills into PDFs and upload all bills into our site.

Our analysts will begin a discovery process that creates a compilation of your invoices from all vendors: identifying the accounts, service locations, Billed Telephone Numbers, DID numbers, 800 numbers, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines, mobile lines, cable / VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), etc.

We will present this compilation to you as “Inventory Report”. If you agree, we will identify it as “batch” of lines to be tested. Just tell us when you want us to start dialing your lines, and what you want our dialer to say in announcing the test call to your users.

The Inventory Report is returns an immediate value to you if you didn’t have this before. The value only gets better as our detection process verifies all your lines by dialing them and recording the outcome of each call.

We will soon get back to you with our Call Outcome Report.

Yes. As easy as that!