TEM Case Study

The Client

An exclusive provider of pediatric care in the metropolitan Washington area, this children’s hospital has served the nation’s children for more than 130 years. A proven leader in development and application of innovative new treatments for childhood illness and injury.

The Challenge

The hospital acquired TeleBright’s assistance in 2008 to address their large infrastructure, which expanded over time with various personnel. The service was decentralized over a number of locations in need of a complete review. Redundant services were across the organization and costing thousands.

The Solution

TeleBright completed an optimization review of all telecom services and identified:

  • Alternative service providers to reduce coverage
    waste and a better match for their infrastructure demand.
  • Consolidation of many decentralized invoices.
  • Increased efficiency in management requirements.
  • Plus, a management plan to continue service optimization.

The Result

The hospital experienced a 71% cost reduction in local and long distance expenses. The telecommunications billing is now centralized into one simple invoice from each carrier. Management extends to every separate location with full transparency of the budget and usage controls. The management team can provide a complete breakdown into any service area using a full range of reporting tools. Internal management requirements have been reduced due to the intuitiveness of the software capabilities.