We Deliver Cost Efficiency!

We Deliver Cost Efficiency!

We show you billing discrepancies and potential waste. Immediate savings of 7-10% are the norm.

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Tight Control Over Assets & Billing

Tight Control Over Assets & Billing

We validate your telecom Assets and Contracts.
Bills undergo contract compliance check before your payment approval process.

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We Help You Navigate Transitions!

We Help You Navigate Transitions!

New network technologies are arriving every day! We help you navigate safely to new technologies as well as new contracts and vendors. We can support your Agency’s transition to GSA’s EIS Contract.

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Our Intelligent Solutions Centralize Telecom Expense Management


Manage your mobile phones, tablets, pagers, satellite, and radio infrastructure. We also offer wireless procurement portal and mobile data controls. Wide distribution of reports to user groups also improves the cost performance of your wireless assets.


Track your landlines for voices, data, cable services. Detailed line records enable you to manage these services remotely as required. Orders management is simplified and helps change management.

Line Testing

We dial all phone numbers in your inventory to test and document their working conditions. Validation of your line inventory is a solid start towards eliminating unused lines you keep paying for.

Custom Services

We offer you consultative services for service audits & optimization, contract analysis, RFP processes, brokerage for finding best rates; as well as creative database solutions that require global access and scale.





29 years of our telecom experience includes massive projects with Bell Companies + sophisticated Commercial and Government clients.


We understand the infrastructure complexity of Enterprise clients. We support large Enterprises today with thousands of locations, employees, service lines, and spend.

Small & Medium-Sized Clients

We support our SMB clients who have different support requirements. We help you do more with less. Our support services can help you manage your telecom investments efficiently.


We specialize in healthcare sector. Healthcare service providers have depended on us for years to connect and operate their emergency services as well as hospitals, clinics, and remote locations.


We understand government processes and have served Federal and Local agencies since 2005. We can help you transition your Agency from GSA’s Networx to EIS contracts. We have the tools that work.

We specialize in telecom complexity management.

Big changes in technology are coming quicker now – creating transition challenges. We focus on helping you navigate these changes while executing routine tasks of user care, cost efficiency, and management controls.

Experts in crafting solutions.

TeleBright Software Corporation is an innovative software company with technology and process control expertise. We craft solutions that enable clients to become informed consumers

Seeing is believing! When can we show you our ManageRight platform and discuss all the value that we can create for you?